Food, Eating Out and Restaurant Cuisine

Eating out is one of life's great pleasures; in fact, around £50 billion is spent on meals out in the UK every year. And whether you are looking for an old-fashioned fry up, fast food, a simple pub lunch or a gourmet meal with fine wine, you can find it somewhere close to your home.

Foreign Restaurants In the UK 

Today, it's fun to eat something different - Chinese, Italian, Indian or Caribbean cuisine. And whether you are looking for a small Italian restaurant, American style burgers or a classy cocktail bar kingston, other areas of London and all of the UK have plenty of variety. However, it wasn't always that way - food rationing was still in effect in Britain until the mid 1950s, and foreign food only really became commonplace in the 1960s, when immigration from former British colonies began. Indian and Chinese food became popular in the '60s, and the increase in package holidays to Europe meant that Italian, Spanish and French food was 'discovered' by more Brits. And recipes allowing foreign dishes to be created at home became more popular, as did the frozen or TV dinner. Today in London and most other large UK cities, you can eat at restaurants offering such exotic fare as Peruvian, Moroccan and Vietnamese cuisine.

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Themed Restaurants

Restaurants with a specific theme have been around since Paris cafes in the late 19th century had a medieval feel or even a death theme, with coffins as tables. Today, themed restaurants provide customers with something more than just a dining experience, allowing you to be transported to a Caribbean pirate ship, a tropical rain forest or a medieval banquet. Some of London's most unusual themed restaurants include one where guests dine in darkness, a restaurant inspired by ancient Babylon, and a dining experience amongst ornately designed opera boxes.

Afternoon Tea - A Great British Institution

Afternoon tea has been enjoyed in the UK ever since the early 19th century, when Royalty decided that the gap between lunch and the early evening meal was too long, but even that tradition can now come with a theme. At Brown's Hotel in London, you can enjoy an Agatha Christie mystery themed afternoon tea experience, while other hotels and tea rooms offer tea with themes including Game of Thrones, and Alice in Wonderland. And you can see the sights of London from a traditional double decker red bus, while enjoying tea, scones and cakes.