Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy – Without All The Fuss

Getting your kids to eat healthy isn’t always an easy task. Just trying to get them to taste a new food item can be quite the challenge. But you can get your kids to eat healthy with the right approach. Two of my favorites are making the healthy food interesting and hiding it.



You can make healthy food more interesting by letting the kids get creative with it. Set out some fresh fruit and ask them to make faces out of it. Get them started by making Mr. Pineapple.  A pineapple slice will be the face itself, a strawberry for the nose, blueberries for eyes and a slice of apple for the mouth. Another idea is to make hot dog burritos. Take some turkey hot dogs, and ask your child to put it on a tortilla. Top with some veggies like black beans, chopped tomato etc. Wrap it up like a burrito and microwave to heat through.


My favorite for dinnertime is a salad bar. The idea here is to make eating vegetables more fun and also to give your child a feeling of control over what he eats. Many kids that you couldn’t force to eat tomatoes will gladly give them a try if it’s up to them to choose.


Start with a bowl of mixed greens, and then add any topics and healthy add-ons your family likes. Some ideas are cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, shredded carrots, croutons, diced ham, boiled eggs, small pieces of broccoli, olives etc. Set out a couple of different bottles of salad dressing and Voila! You have a Salad Bar.


If you still can’t convince your kids to eat healthy, start hiding the good stuff in or under something they like. This can be as easy as pouring cheese sauce over broccoli or adding peas and carrots to your spaghetti sauce.


One of my favorite cover-ups is a fruit smoothie. You can hide all sorts of fruits in a smoothie and get an extra serving of dairy in at the same time. You kids won’t believe you are actually serving them milkshakes.


To make the smoothies, ask your child to pick two or three different types of fruits. Fresh is best, but you can use frozen as well. Great choices include banana, berries, and peaches. Put them in a blender along with some milk, and a few ice cubes. For a thicker shake, add some yogurt as well. Blend until smooth and serve in a tall glass with a straw.


Calling a smoothie a milkshake reminds me of another quick tip. Give healthy dishes a fun and interesting name for extra appeal. Steamed broccoli becomes the foggy forest dish and green bean casserole becomes Ogre food. Incorporate whatever your kids like or idolize. You can make “Crabby Patties” (garden burgers, or plain hamburgers), Dora the Explorer soup, or Barbie turkey sandwiches (mix mayonnaise and ketchup for a pink touch).  You’ll come up with many more of your versions of interesting or hidden healthy food that your kids will eat.







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