Kid Dessert Recipes

Delicious, yummy dessert recipes the whole family will love. Whip up one of these kid-friendly treats tonight!

Tip - When making dessert recipes you can usually get away with reducing the sugar amount by at least 1/3 called for in recipes. By simply experimenting a little your desserts will still be delicious and a little healthier.

NEW  Kid Cake Recipes - Fluffy angel cake, applesauce cake, walnut and date tea cakes, and more...


Cupcake Recipes – Easy vanilla cupcakes, cherry cupcakes, double chocolate cupcakes, carnival cupcakes, easy chocolate chip cupcakes, and more…


Muffin Recipes – Fruit muffins, banana muffins, apple muffins and more…


Jello Recipes – Jello fruit layer, jello ice cream, whipped jello surprise and more…


Pudding Recipes – Easy bread pudding, banana pudding, easy vanilla pudding and more…


Brownie Recipes – Best ever brownies, walnut brownies, easy brownie recipe and more…


Ice Cream Recipes – Easy vanilla ice cream, popsicle recipes, ice cream sandwich recipes and more…


Cookie Recipes – Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, no bake cookies, oatmeal cookies and more…






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