Easy Kid Dinner Recipes

Nutritious and easy kid dinner recipes the whole family will enjoy.  Whether you want a hearty baked casserole, easy family roast dinner, or a no-hassle one pot meal, you'll definitely find it here.

Dinner Ideas For Kids -  Great dinner ideas from paste, pizza, soup, homemade mac and cheese to chicken nuggets.

Quick and Easy Hamburger Recipes - Kid favorite hamburger recipes including mini burgers, hamburger wedges, veggie burgers and tofu burger recipes.

Easy Chicken Recipes – Easy chicken recipes include, baked chicken, chicken and rice, chicken salad and chicken breast recipes.

Roast Chicken Recipe - Perfect every time roast chicken recipe with roast potatoes and vegetables for a complete family roast dinner.

Roast Beef Recipes - These easy and delicious roast beef recipes will impress your family and friends.

Easy Casserole Recipes - Easy bake casserole recipes including, tuna, corn, potato, egg, chicken, and ham.

Easy Crock Pot Recipes - Family crock pot recipes for busy days including chicken, pork chops, beef, stew and other favorites.

Mashed Potato Recipes - Easy mashed potato recipes including cheesy mash, creamy mashed potatoes and other kid friendly mashed potato recipes. 

Quick and Easy Dinner Time Ideas - It’s 6:00 p.m. the kids are hungry, homework needs to be done, you’re stressed and then they ask… “Mom, what’s for dinner?”







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